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At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Round Rock/Teravista we are passionate about keeping our school a safe and secure place for your children. We take safety very seriously and are proud to offer parents peace of mind through the variety of precautions we implement every day.


Keyless Entry System: Our front door is equipped with a personal identification keypad that requires an assigned individual code to gain access. Only limited, designated individuals and family members receive an individual code. All other visitors are admitted by office staff and will be escorted throughout the facility.

ID Check: Our office staff checks the ID of every visitor that enter our school as well as any designated alternates picking up students. We require written and/or documented verbal permission from the parent/guardian for any alternates who are not already listed on the approved alternate pick-up list.

Video Monitoring: Our school provides secure online access and front desk monitoring of the 32 cameras located throughout the schools. Cameras are strategically placed in each room and playground area of the school, as well as the front entrance. Each family will receive a special login password through our Watch Me Grow Technology to access the online video monitoring system. This allows parents or grandparents to check on their children anytime throughout the day, no matter how far away they may be! We are proud to offer this service as an extra step to ensure parents peace of mind while we care of their children.

Staff Requirements: Every staff member undergoes a thorough background check before hiring and are required to be current on CPR, First Aid, and SIDS training certifications. Each staff member is also required to complete at least 24 continuing education training hours annually to keep them up to date on the most recent and effective procedures to ensure your child’s safety in case of an emergency. We want only the best qualified personnel working with our students to ensure they are taught in a safe and nurturing environment while receiving top-level education.

Emergency Drills and Education: Emergency drills are performed on a routine basis to keep our staff and students prepared. We also instruct our students in what to do when encountered with an emergency or safety concern, including stranger awareness, fire safety, home safety and more. In addition, a member of our staff has been an OSHA consultant for the last 19 years, ensuring that all businesses follow every safety measure required by both the state of Texas and federal regulations.

Emergency Contact/Medical Information: Each student’s emergency contact and medical information is kept confidential. We also post important allergy information in the classrooms and kitchen for increased awareness.

Telephones: All classrooms are equipped with telephones which permit direct access to the office in case of an emergency or if assistance is needed. This eliminates telephone distractions in the classroom while still allowing quick emergency access to management staff. All external calls must be transferred through the front desk and we enforce a strict No-Cell phone policy in our school.

Transportation: We provide a full size 29 passenger bus equipped with individual seat belts and a cellular phone for emergency use. We provide bus service to several local schools and  a professional driver with a current CDL is trained in bus safety procedures. A roll call is checked before and after riding the bus as well as a mandatory walkthrough of the bus to ensure no child isleft behind. A folder including emergency medical information for each student accompanies each student riding on the bus. The driver also completes a thorough maintenance check of the bus before and after each usage.


Health Practices

Cleanliness: Teachers are required to fill out a daily checklist to ensure the cleanliness of the classroom at all times.  All classrooms are also equipped with bathrooms and sinks to allow proper hand washing procedures to be taught and modeled by our teachers.  Each child is provided his own sanitized mat for nap-time.  Clean disposable gloves are required for changing diapers and assistance with potty training.

Sanitation: All toys and surfaces are sanitized daily in our classrooms. The sanitizing cleaner we use at the center kills germs and bacteria without leaving a toxic residue. A laundry room with a lock is available to clean linens and to safely store all cleaning supplies.

Illnesses:  Students are not allowed to attend school with any contagious illness, rash, etc without exclusive written permission from a doctor indicating they are on treatment and that it is safe to attend school. To prevent the spread of illness, students with a fever of 100.3 F or higher are sent home and not allowed to return to school until 24 hours after the fever subsides. Also, a Boo-Boo room is provided with direct visual contact from the front desk as a place where sick students may rest and wait to be picked up.

Attire:  Students are required to wear shoes with a back or secure fitting strap to prevent slips and falls while running outdoors. Due to our creative curriculum, students are asked to wear "play clothes" to school in case of stains from art projects.

Peanut Free School: This is a peanut free school due to this common and severe allergen.   





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