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He always looks forward to coming every day!
My son loves attending Kids R Kids of Round Rock/Teravista! We moved from San Antonio July 2015 and since his first day here he always looks forward to coming every day and has learned so much here!
Karina V.
The transition from KRK Round Rock to kindergarten was seamless!
I have two kids that have gone to this school for over 2 years. Never had a single complaint. The teachers, staff and owners are so caring and great that I consider some of them like family. Transition from KRK to kindergarten was seamless and my son is excelling, which I attribute 99% of that to his experience at KRK. Worth every penny!
Jason K.
So blessed to have found such a great school in Round Rock, TX!
Kids R Kids Teravista has been great for our family. Both of my kids attend. They love their classrooms, and speak so highly about the teachers. We feel so blessed to have found such a great school to put our children in throughout the summer. :)
Amber S.
My daughter is starting to read on her own thanks to all of her teachers!
My daughter has been there for almost two years and she loves it! She just turned five...she already knows her sight words, can count to 100 by 1s and is starting to read on her own all thanks to her teachers at KRK. She will definitely be well prepared for kinder next year. We love the staff and teachers there too! We would highly recommend it!
Mollie F.
My boys are loved, have fun, learn, and are safe!
Amazing! We've done pre-school, after-school care, and camp! The staff and leadership are wonderful, and my boys are loved, have fun, learn, and most importantly are safe!
Heather O.
We love the teachers and all the staff!
My husband and I love Kids R Kids. Everyone here is so welcoming and very nice. We love the teachers and all the staff!
Isel S.
All the teachers are so loving!
All the teachers and staff are so loving and take great care of my two boys. So glad we found Kids R Kids!
Christina K.
Highly Recommend!
Amazing!!! We love this school for our toddler. They are simply the best!!! Highly recommend them!!!
Charles B.
Each classroom has far exceeded our expectations!
There are no words to describe how blessed our family has been since enrolling at Kids R Kids. My 3 year old daughter has been enrolled since she was 9 months and has already learned so much. Each classroom has far exceeded our expectations. When it is time for you to transition to a new class, your heart aches at the thought of leaving the teachers that she has grown to love; however, each new class you find the same amazing care and love as the class before. She knows all of her colors, shapes, numbers, letters and not just in English, but in Spanish. She has begun journal writing and enjoys the ABC Mouse subscription provided through the school. My eldest daughter is in the after-school program and has participated in their Summer Camp. Not only is this program well organized, but she enjoys going on all of their weekly field trips with her friends. I love the fact that they have 5 teachers working with them. I can understand why they are on a waiting list. You will certainly not be disappointed in your choice should you take your children here. From the front desk staff (Briana, Chrissy, Mo, Ashley) to all of the teachers we have been with, we love them!!!
Amy L.
The teachers are great, caring and organized!
Brought my daughter here after her previous daycare who just didn't care anymore. I love kids r kids and my daughter is so happy. The teachers are great, caring and organized. The hot breakfast and lunch make things easy and I love the amenities! Couldn't have chosen better in this area.
Michelle P.
They put my son and my family's interests first!
We had our son here from 12 weeks old to 4 years old. We had a great experience and always felt they put my son and my family's interests first. The teachers were always great at communicating how we can partner to support consistency of developmental and disciplinary matters. very very happy with our experience.
Lindsay L.
The kids are ahead of the curve in elementary school!
We started at KRK Teravista since the first day they opened. My daughter spent her days full time at KRK from 1 to 5 year old and loved it. The owner/director actually cares about the kids and their well being, and always flexible and willing to work with the parents to discuss any concerns. They are truly trying to do the right things (vs. just trying to run a 'business'). The PreSchool and PreK program at KRK are very strong. The kids coming out of the school are pretty much ahead of the curve when they go to kinder in elementary schools. We love the teachers and we still go back from time to time to utilize their drop off services. I highly recommend this school to all my friends.
Windy S.
They took care of my baby like their own!
We were with this daycare only for a short period and my son was in the 8week-6month class and the 6-12 month class. The teachers are amazing...the front desk staff is soo welcoming! I will so miss Ms Ana and Ms Amanda!!! They took care of my baby like their own...every time I looked from the camera..he was getting hugs, kisses and was constantly feeling loved. LOVE LOVE LOVE this school!!!
Parag V.
So glad we found this school!
I am very impressed with this school. My grandsons had attended two other preschools and we never received care like we have at Kids R Kids. The teachers are very attentive and have taught the boys so much. I feel like they are well above my granddaughter. The huge bonus is I get to log onto the classroom cameras and see them throughout the day. I am so glad we found this school!
Marcia P.
The children are truly loved!
I LOVE this school! My daughter loves her teachers and has learned so much while attending. This is a place where the children are truly loved and the teachers, staff, director and owner make everyone feel welcomed and at home. I have recommended this school to everyone I know...even my pediatrician (who asked where my daughter attended school at since she knew so much sign language) and will continue to do so. Kids R Kids Rocks...and the onsite surveillance is a bonus!
The teachers are so interactive!
My son loves his teacher and he loves the school! They are so interactive with him, and he is learning so much. It surprised me when he asked me for a blue M&M in sign language!!!! This is a great place to bring your children. I would recommend to everyone. You'll fall in love as soon as you take a tour!
Staff is amazing!
Kids R Kids of Round Rock has been a true blessing to our family and our son! The staff is amazing and have gone out of their way to make our son's daily learning an amazing experience! He has major food allergies and they have gone above and beyond to protect him and we are so appreciative!
Molly S.
Extremely Happy!
We have been extremely happy with the care our grandson gets! I can't even begin to explain how great and attentive everyone has been!! Y'all are a blessing to our family!!
Amy S.
LOVE Exuded!
Mercedes and her staff are the best! For almost two years, we had our two boys at Kids r Kids Teravista and the staff became our extended family. The teachers were thorough, helpful, caring, supportive, encouraging and certainly kept the environment fun-loving for the kids. I cannot say Thank you enough to Ms. Monica, Ms. Amber, Ms. Anna, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Ivany, Ms. Ebonie, Ms. Brianna, Ms. Katy etc. When we had to relocate, it was the toughest decision for us because of the LOVE we felt at this school. We actually had to prepare the boys mind for months so that it wouldn’t be too hard on them, nevertheless, it was. They keep reminding us, “Hey, mommy and daddy, you guys have to drop us at Kids r Kids for Parents Night out!” The ONLY reason we relocated our boys to another school was because of our zoning since our first son is now in Kindergarten and we zone into a school district that is in a completely different part of town. We still compare everyone else to the high standards you set. Chrissy is the best Administrator I have come across in this business. Mercedes we miss your smile and loving spirit. You all embody customer service at its finest! We love you all!!
Amazing does not even come close to describing how I feel about Kids R Kids Round Rock in Teravista. I truly believe that I could and would not be happier with another daycare. My boys love going to school each day and I feel safe and reassured each time I drop them off knowing they will be safe and feel loved. There is no better peace of mind for a parent than knowing that the people looking after your children truly love and enjoy what they do. I have been in rooms 100 – 450 and found that special connection with a teacher in each room. Sure there have been bumps but that is what makes Kids R Kids stand apart. I believe that when I have a concern, I know management and teachers are listening and genuinely concerned and want to make it right. There is a proactive approach brought to each situation and for me it seems the need and wellbeing of the child is always the top priority (as it should be with a good daycare). Kids R Kids has created a safe haven for children. It has been staffed with people that love children and want to see them grow and develop in a safe and nurturing environment.
Kids R Kids Teravista is by far the best preschool our children have attended. I honestly don't even know where to start---it is AMAZING! Our son first started at Kids R Kids 3 years ago at the age of 2 1/2. I visited the school multiple times and spoke with both the owner and director before making the transition to the new school. After all, it was brand new. Deciding to enroll our son in Kids R Kids has been by far one of the best decisions I've ever made. On his first day, Ms. Ebonie welcomed him with open arms, and within minutes he was waving goodbye and shoving me out the door. When we welcomed our second son to our family earlier this year, it was never a question in our minds--he would be a Kids R Kids baby! Our experience at the school has been nothing short of fantastic. The front desk staff is always friendly and cheerful. Our son recently told me he would prefer to each breakfast at Kids R Kids before school--"because Chef Randall's food is sooo yummy". The school director Chrissy is always attentive to our needs and concerns. And the owners, Mercedes and Jeff, truly care about the quality and safety of the school. And the teachers.... that is what really makes the school so special. I have not encountered one teacher that did not treat my children as if they were their own. Whether it be coaxing my child from my arms after a rough morning, or cuddling my child while waiting on me to pick him up later than usual after a meeting, the teachers really love these kids. And on preschool graduation day earlier this year, Ms. Rhonda couldn't even find the words to speak to me as she was so overcome with emotion--you can't find teachers like this at just any preschool. I can't imagine how different my life would be if I hadn't found Kids R Kids. It's not just a preschool; it's a lifestyle. Sincerely, Dusty
they are AWESOME!
I always love to brag about our Kids R Kids Round Rock @ Teravista. My daughter, Ashley, is 3 yrs. old and has attended KIDS R KIDS Round Rock/Teravista since she was 6 months old. By 12 months she already had a vocabulary of about 10-15 words. At every yearly well check her dr. is always shocked at how smart and advanced she is. At her 3yr check, she tested at a 4yr old intellectual level. I can ONLY thank KIDS R KIDS for that. My husband and I are amazed every week with the things she comes home and says to us that she had learned at school. Just last week she came on singing about the 7 continents! i don't remember learning those until well into grade school. As for the school and staff, they are AWESOME!!! First of all, i love the motto "hugged first, then taught". I find that to be true of all the staff, including the owners and director. I feel that they genuinely love my child (almost) as much as we do. I also know that they care about our satisfaction with their school. The very few issues we've ever had were always handled and resolved privately and immediately. Which also leads me to the cameras. I love being able to watch my daughter learn, play and grow everyday even when i can't be with her. It also made that 1st day drop off a lot easier than i thought it would be (there were only tears until i was able to get to my computer at work). Thanks to the cameras, I always know she is in good hands. One last thing i would like to talk about is the newly formed PTO. What a great idea to have a preschool! I'm super excited to be a part of it. The ladies on the board have come up with such great ideas and activities for the whole year. I'm very excited to volunteer and be part of this adventure with them. Also, it's so great to get to know other parents. So not only is my daughter creating friendships, i am as well. So, now that I'm 3months pregnant I have no doubt in my mind that this child HAS to attended KIDS R KIDS as well. Thank you for the opportunity to "gush" about our favorite preschool, Kids R Kids Round Rock @ Teravista.
I have to share with you my joy from this evening. "I had to pull out the old school dictionary to look up onomataopoeia (I could not even sound it out to use dictionary.com!) because Loren used it in a sentence this evening. I did a double (or maybe even a triple) take. A real move the head around several times and look at my 3.5 yr. old because I could not believe the word that just came out of her mouth. She was talking about the sounds that animals make. "A lion saws". That's onomatopoeia, Mommy." I was floored! I recognized the word as something I learned way back when, but could not define it, which led to my subsequent trip to the dictionary after bedtime. "Who taught you that word?" I asked. "Ms. Becky did," she matter-of-factly stated, like it was no big deal. "Well, I want to tell you that it is a big deal" When David and I first met you while your school was being built, we were captivated by your enthusiasm, personality, and obvious dedication to the idea of a fabulous preschool education for children. We researched Kids R Kids, devoured the content of corporate's website, mission, curriculum, etc., and knew your school was the place for our family. We have loved the school, teachers, and staff since day 1, but we are now officially head-over-heels. Please send our heartfelt "Thank you!" to your entire Kids R Kids team for the amazing education, experience and environment y"all provide our precious munchkin. Special kudos to Ms. Becky and Ms. Ebonie as Loren's teachers for almost half her life in Suites 300 & 400. "Loren loves school so much, and we know it is due to the amazing adults who are the backbone of the school. Every morning she asks if it is a school day. Every time we drive by Kids R Kids on the weekends, she proudly proclaims, "There's my school!" We are thankful for our Kids R Kids family. Every. Single. Day!!!
I had to write to you and share my reason why I love taking my son, Pearce, to Kids R Kids Teravista in Round Rock, TX. (Or as Pearce calls it, ("school") When I went back to work after having my son, I went through "mommy guilt" and wondered if I was doing the right thing. Was I abandoning my son for my career? On the day I dropped him off for his first full day, Miss Doris, his first teacher, gave me a huge hug and said, "I know you will worry all day, so call and check on him as many times as you want." Then on my way out the door, the owner, Ms. Mo gave me another hug, and said, "I know it's hard. We're here for you as much as we are here for him." This partnership in raising my wonderful beautiful son has continued every day since. Pearce, or "P"as everyone calls him, loves going to school! He amazes me every day with what they are learning. I could never give him the moments of discovery that Kids R kids has given him through activities like: weekly gym classes, ABC Mouse, song of the week, etc. His teachers know him as an individual, and love him for the little person he is. They make sure he is engaged, educated, and happy. It was hard to feel comfortable with being a working Mom. Through the wonderful warm support and partnership with the staff at my Kids R Kids, I know we found more than just a great day care. They give me the knowledge and security that I am doing something great for my son and his future by sending him to "school".
Kids R Kids does a fantastic job
Our son Beau has attended Kids R Kids in Teravista, Round Rock Texas since he was 13 weeks old. He is now two. We have always felt very secure in leaving him in the care of his teachers. Ms. Doris in the infant room was so comforting to me as a new Mom when we brought him in. She would always let me know how he was doing and even as he has moved up in the classrooms she has kept her eye on him and loves him dearly. He always likes going back to the "baby" room and seeing her and giving her a hug. Beau seems to fall in love with at least one teacher in each class that he has been in. In the 18-month room he loved Ms. Kara and she loved him back. They were a team. I was so concerned about him moving up because he loved her so much. Then he moved to the two-year-old room and Ms. Amanda and Ms. Jesse seem to have tied for his affection. At the Halloween fall festival he ran to them first thing. He seems to love going to school everyday and has learned so much. He can count to 20 (with help) and knows his shapes and colors. My sister teaches Kindergarten and there are kids in her class that don't know these things. Kids R Kids does a fantastic job with the curriculum and teaching these little ones. We love it here and will miss the teachers and staff when Beau has to leave for Kindergarten. We are glad that is not for a few more years.
Barry & Denise
I can't thank them enough
Three months ago, I moved to Round Rock, Texas and needed new childcare for my son. He has come to work with me his whole life until 20 months when we moved so being in a classroom with other kids was not something he was used to. I was of course nervous from the beginning and it broke my heart as he cried when I walked away. From the moment I enrolled in him in the Round Rock- Kids R Kids, I knew he was in good hands. The staff has been friendly and accommodating especially with things other daycares would not do. The director Chrissy and his 3 classroom teachers have been wonderful this last month since he has moved into the 2-year classroom. My son is still adjusting to the large classroom, interacting with peers and eating new foods but the teachers have been very supportive and I feel that they truly hear me when I have questions. His language has improved and he is smiling and waving when I drop him off. Although I miss him as soon as I get to the parking lot, I know he is in good hands. Another reason why I chose the facility was the camera system. I check on his class throughout the day and at meal time and it makes me happy to see him interacting with others. My son has had a hard time eating new foods this last month, and the staff has been extremely understanding, and accommodating. I can't thank them enough. I am so happy to have my son at KIDS R KIDS round rock to know that he is well cared for and there is a special place in their hearts for him.
The staff and teachers are the best.
My wife Monica and I wanted to write to tell you why we love our KIDS R KIDS. The staff and teachers are the best. From Mo the owner to the teachers on the classrooms we always feel like we are in a positive environment. Camilla has been in this school for over two years now and we couldn't be happier. It's also cool that there is so much offered at the school. Piano lessons, gym, and now there is even a PTO formed. We have been able to meet some really nice people and started some great relationships over the past two years and we can attribute that all to our local KIDS R KIDS.
I'm so thankful
I apologize ahead of time if the explanation of why I Love Kids R Kids at Teravista is long but I feel the need to express sooo many of the reasons. First off, I lost my mother at a young age and my husband lost his mother after a year of marriage, we lost my husband's mother. So when it came time for me to become a mother, I was apprehensive. We welcomed our precious Addyson Johnson in February 2012. We had already visited local daycare/schools and we just felt the environment at Kids R Kids was warm, nurturing, and another home for our Addy and for me and my husband. Addy started in Suite 100 with Ms. Doris. Ms. Doris was always available to help answer questions about helping me to parent. Unfortunately at four months, Addy had seizures and Kids R Kids was so completely supportive by listening to me, emotional supporting me, and giving me flexibility with Addy's schedule while we got things more stable. Addy did return to daycare about two weeks later and it was so comforting having an environment and people like Ms. Doris and Mercedes to listen about Addy's seizures and how to handle it if she starts to seize. Luckily that didn't happen at school. It was amazingly comforting to be able to call anytime to check on Addy and be able to log in and see Addy on the camera. I was a traumatized mother after the seizures but I was so thankful to feel comfortable with Kids R Kids taking care of our Addy. They helped take care of Addy and me during that time. Addy moved up to suite 150 and Addy was starting to become more of a baby than a newborn. Again the teachers like Ms. Kat and Ms. Amanda who were always willing to talk with me about Addy. I even developed personal relationships with Addy's teachers as I so appreciated the care they provided to her and would always alert me if Addy was not herself. Then Addy moved with to Suite 200 where Addy instantly became close to her teachers like Ms. Jessica, Ms. Jessi, Ms. Katie, and then Ms. Kat (she changed classrooms). Luckily there were a group of kiddos with Addy that moved up together which helped soften the transition for Addy and us. Addy was now becoming a toddler and her teachers would help direct me in this new developmental milestone age range. Now Addy is a true toddler in Suite 250 where her cognitive and physical skills keep blossoming. Addy continues to grow developmentally thanks to her teachers like Ms. Magda. She surprises me all time with what she learns at school and I'm so thankful for Kids R Kids support, teaching and nurturing for Addy's amazing cognitive development. Throughout our time, we also have built relationships with the front desk staff that are willing to help whenever I have questions (I do a lot)! I feel honored to know all the staff, so when I have concerns, I can be heard. Plus Kids R Kids does wonderful things like Parents Night Out and book fairs! I also love the daily updates about Addy's day and the adorable pictures I receive on a weekly basis! Unfortunately I lost my father three months ago and I was having a hard time. Again Kids R Kids help provide support to my family, and me. I love they connected family of Kids R Kids and I love that I know the teachers, staff and other parents in the way I do. I'm so thankful that I have the benefit of helping others at Addy's school too-whether it is Food Drives or helping to organize gift card collection for a kiddo diagnosed with Leukemia. I love Kids R Kids at Teravista and look forward to Addy continuing to grow there as well as any future children we have!
We are grateful
Brylee just loves her teachers so much, that every night she's either drawing them pictures or looking for something to take to them in the mornings. She loves going to school :) Great educational preschools provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for children in their care. Outstanding ones do more: they give parents the peace of mind that comes with knowing they made the right choice for their child. My wife and I have found an outstanding preschool in Kids R Kids - Teravista and we want parents to understand why we feel so fortunate. We love the easy rapport we have with the staff and the friendly personal greetings we get each day. We appreciate the thoroughness of the daily reports and the prompt and efficient response to disease outbreaks and other challenges. We admire the artwork and the behavior our kids display under their direction. These are features of an educational preschool of which a community can and should be proud. What makes Kids R Kids - Teravista outstanding to us is the faculty's responsive and responsible action to help our family through our two-year-old son's first febrile seizure. The care and concern extended from his teachers calming him while the ambulance arrived to the director meeting us at the emergency room lobby with his favorite stuffed animal and a note urging him to get better soon, because his class missed him. A febrile seizure is a frightening experience for a child, his parents, and everyone involved with his care. The staff at Kids R Kids - Teravista cared for our son with the love and grace they would show toward any of their children, and we are grateful.
My sons are by far better off
There are so many daycares out there, that when my husband and I relocated, we were overwhelmed with the options in this area. My husband went to many, and when he walked into the Teravista location, he felt welcome from the get go. They didn't know him and they were still friendly and full of smiles that first day. What kept us coming back was all of the extra services and activities that this facility offers. It might seem little to many, but I look forward to getting a picture of my boys from their Tadpole system everyday. If Ashton is dancing around the classroom, or Zach is doing a painting project, they care about my kids as much as I do, and they let me know with a photo or video clip. When they were able to offer a Halloween Saturday event, I was excited to go, but they blew me away with how organized and prepared they were. It touches me that they think of the parents who cant get away from work to see their Halloween parade or eat at the Halloween party. That was probably the best event I have taken my kids to yet. There were activities in every room that were easy enough for my 2 year old, but exciting enough for their after school kids. The owner of this location, Mercedes, is the sweetest person I've met in a long time. She is always there greeting parents, and saying goodbye to kids. She is so involved it is a huge reflection of the overall running of that daycare. I couldn't ask for better teachers. They hire people that I feel totally comfortable leaving my kids with. My oldest has now been through 3 classrooms and seen some new faces and he has embraced each of them so well. Having great teachers is my #1 priority as a parent and I trust the Director and Owner to the fullest capacity to hire them. Knowing my kids are there to not just be watched or monitored like other day cares, but taught, and played with, and offered activities like gymnastics and dance all in one location is so helpful for a working parent. My sons are by far better off in their educational hands, learning more than I could ever teach them!
the answer to our ongoing question
Kids R Kids Learning Academy Round Rock in Teravista has been the answer to our ongoing question of "where can we find quality childcare with a structured curriculum?" Our daughter has been attending Kids R Kids since 2011 and it has been the best decision we have made when it comes to childcare. The teachers are genuinely interested in making sure the kids understand the lessons being taught. The group time is the highlight of the day for my daughter because she learns her sight words, days of the week, months of the year, counting by twos, fives and tens and most importantly social skills such as good listening and respecting others. I am really impressed with the writing station in her classroom. My daughter is able to write in a journal provided by the school and this is time where she can express herself and work on writing her name, letters, numbers and words. In addition to the classroom learning environment there's a library, which has lots of books to choose from and computers for her to utilize and access ABCMouse.com. My daughter tells me each day about the new things she has learned at school, including the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language, ABC's in sign language and the colors in Spanish. At the end of the day I can truly say that we are very pleased and wished Kids R Kids Teravista was opened at the time my daughter was a newborn. Lastly, Mercedes (Ms. Mo-owner) is out of this world and aims to please the parents. She is always open to suggestions, responses to questions in a timely manner and always has a smile on her face when I see her. If I am having a bad day because of traffic, when I walk through the day and if she's at the front desk my frown immediately turns to a smile. Not only is the owner awesome, but the rest of the front desk staff and the director are great as well. There's always someone at the front desk or office to greet each person entering the school. Kids R Kids corporate offices should be proud of this franchise located in Teravista because it is a good representation of the brand.
too good to be true
We came to Kids R Kids 18 months ago. We had just moved to the area, and didn't have anyone to ask for recommendations, and stumbled upon the KIDS R KIDS in our neighborhood. I had done my research on the state licensing website, and was shocked by how few reports a large daycare like our local KIDS R KIDS had. (Most large daycares in our area have a ton of reports and issues). I thought it might be too good to be true! But we love our new KIDS R KIDS home and family and haven't looked back. The staff and owner all treat us (and I expect think of us) as family. As a single mother, leaving my kids in someone else's care is stressful enough, but I have every confidence when I leave them at KIDS R KIDS every morning. It might be cheesy to say, but KIDS R KIDS really is our second family. My youngest daughter was 3 when we first came through the door, and now she has such a wonderful group of friends, and is learning things so quickly, she will be over-prepared for Kindergarten! And my oldest daughter met her best friend on her first day at KIDS R KIDS. They're now in elementary school together and in the same daisy troop. This is a special place and we couldn't love being a part of it any more than we already do! We love our KIDS R KIDS!!!!
Kids R Kids Teravista has been an exceptional school for all three of my children. My middle son started there when he was almost 2, and he has formed a very special bond with several of the teachers there. Ms. Veronica was his teacher when he was 2.5 years old, and he still looks to her for comfort when he's having a rough day. She's always there to give extra hugs when he needs them. My oldest son also attended Kids R Kids Teravista until he began kindergarten. The owner, Mercedes, was very good to work with us to be sure he was being challenged in his pre-K class. She worked with him one-on-one to gauge his kindergarten readiness as well as worked with his teachers to give him different activities to do during nap time if he wasn't able to fall asleep after their required quiet time. My baby began there when he was 1, and all of his teachers have been very attentive to his well being. It was hard to leave him knowing he was my baby, but I feel very comfortable and confident with all of the teachers in his room. If he's having a rough day the lead teacher in his room, Ms. Jessica, isn't afraid to pick up the phone to let me know. We are relocating at the end of the public school year, and I can only hope to find a place as first-rate as Kids R Kids Teravista that will give this exceptional level of care to my children.
We have been thrilled with Kids R Kids from the moment our children started. The owners and staff are top notch and we trust that they always have our children's best interest at heart. My son has grown and advanced so much since he began over two years ago. The teachers we have been blessed with have been loving and devoted to our children. It's hard to believe our son will soon be graduating from KRK preschool but we are confident in the education and tools he's learned so he will thrive in kindergarten. He's even said "Mom, I never want to leave Kids R Kids." He is excited to join his sister in the KRK after school program in August. It's been such a perfect fit for our family and we would highly recommend this school to any parent-- and have numerous times! The environment is warm, inviting, friendly and the staff is always there to listen anytime. KRK Teravista is one big family friendly environment from the moment you walk through the doors and we are proud to call KRK our home away from home for our children.
Julie F.
We miss you!
Haley attended your school for about a year, until this past june because we moved to away. Anyway I just wanted to let you all know that she is now attending another preschool and it does not even compare to your school in Tera Vista. We really miss you guys and I wish it was practical for her to still attend your school! Unfortunately it would require driving almost 100 miles a day and we just can't do that. Your teachers a far more superior than the teachers at this preschool. It is like pulling teeth to understand how she is doing. I feel as though she has kind of halted in her learning and as a result we are once again looking for a different school. I just wanted to let you know what a great job you did (and Im sure continue to do) And you set the bar way to high and I'm not sure I'll ever be satisfied with a school again! :) We really miss you all!
A. Mcguire
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